Course Description
This course is designed for existing dealers (retail or wholesale).  This course is required to be taken every two years and the original certificate of completion must be mailed with the renewal documents.  The course is a home study course which means we will mail you the handbook and the final exam for the course which consists of 20 questions.  Once we receive the answers, we will mail the certificate.

Course Price  $95

Certificate Delivery Method
Option 1:  $0    Pick up from office
Option 2:  $5  Regular Mail   (4-6 days)
Option 3:  $15  Priority Mail   (2-3 days)
Option 4:  $35  Express Mail  (1-2 days)

Important Information

ATG Schools is the only school in California that is a full education and service provider for dealers in California.  Since you are required to take this, your bond also needs to be renewed.  We are also an insurance agency and we can give you a bond quote in a day (in most cases bond quote and bond are issued same day since we print the bond in office).   We also do dealer insurances and garage liability.  Visit Bond page to apply for a quick quote.  Don’t worry, it won’t hurt your credit since it’s a soft inquiry.  If we don’t save you on the premium, you can stay with your current provider, but due to our low broker fees, we can try to save you money.

ATG is also licensed Vehicle Registration Service and its employees are licensed Vehicle Verifiers.  Our Registration service is BPA which means we issue plates and stickers in the office.  Give us a try.  If we don’t surprise you, you can continue with your current registration service provider.  We don’t travel to DMV unless your registration has to be processed at DMV only (i.e.salvage certificate processing).  Visit Registration Service page for more information.

If you register and pay and do not complete the course within 3 months, you will need to re-register and pay for the course again.