After you receive your temporary license from inspector, you can start hiring salespersons.  You can send them to our office and we will complete the necessary application, complete the livescan and they can go to local DMV office and receive the temporary salesperson’s license.

After they receive their license only then you can take them to dealer only auctions.  We can also add them to so they can enter the auction with or without you.

In addition to preparing the package for salesperson, we also provide a training for new salesperson.  In our 3-hour course, we go over the selling techniques, price comparison, show online auction and go over the paperwork required to complete the purchase transaction.

We charge $35 for the application completion and $65 for livescan. Then you go to DMV (not inspector’s office), turn in your application and livescan, pay $51 and receive your temporary salespersons license. The permanent one will arrive in 2-4 weeks.