There are several forms which need to be completed and submitted with the rest of the package to DMV.  You can either complete them yourself by downloaded each form below or we can complete them for you.  We recommend doing this as the last step so we can also put the package together with completed forms.  We charge $100 for this last step and if you are ready for this step, let us finalize the package for you.  Complete the Registration form below and we will contact you to set up an appointment.

If you still require other services, visit Dealer Services page for the checklist.

The following forms have to be completed and turned in to your local DMV inspector.   We recommend that you print OL 248B and follow the steps.

OL 248B – Used Dealer, Dealer-Wholesale only and Autobroker Check List

OL 12 – Application for Original Occupational License

OL 21A – Original Application for Occupational License

OL 25 – Surety Bond for Dealer

OL 25B – Surety Bond for Wholesale (Under 25 Cars)

OL 29B – Personal History Questionnaire

OL 53 – Authorization to Release Financial Information

ADM 9050 – Appointment of Director as Agent for Service of Process

DMV 8016 – Request for Live Scan Service