If you are considering starting a business as a corporation or LLC, one of the first formalities with which you will need to comply with is choosing a registered agent.

When you incorporate a business or register an existing company to transact business in other states, you’re required to obtain a registered agent in your state of qualification or incorporation.

A registered agent is a person or company that is in charge of receiving any important legal and tax documents on behalf of a business, including important mail from the state such as annual reports or statements, tax documents mailed from the state’s department of taxation, and Service of Process — also referred to as the Notice of Litigation, which initiates a lawsuit.

Why do you need a professional registered agent?

ATG Global Partners is able to fully satisfy all the demands that the State puts on you and your business, allowing you to focus on running your business. Hiring our company as your registered agent is imperative if:

  • Your company uses a Post Office Box as your business address. You are not legally allowed to act as the registered agent for your business if you are using only a private mailbox or post office box as your address.
  • Your company works from a mobile office. If you don’t possess a permanent work site or if your business requires you to move around, ATG GP will ensure that all your important documents reach you and your business wherever you may be.
  • Your company doesn’t have normal business hours. This is important because a registered agent must be available during regular business hours in order to accept important documents when they are delivered. ATG GP, as your professional registered agent service provider, will make sure that you won’t miss any important notices.
  • Your company is incorporated in a state where you do not possess a physical location. Your business is legally required to have a registered agent with a physical address in the state that your business was incorporated. If you have ATG GP representing your business as your professional registered agent, this requirement is automatically satisfied.
  • You work from a home office. Since the address of a registered agent is a matter of public record, anyone, including marketers, can easily access it. Thus, most registered agents will receive your junk mail. You don’t have to be bothered with a lot of unsolicited mailings when you enjoy ATG GP as your registered agent.
  • You change your addresses frequently. You are required to keep your registered agent address up-to-date with the state; changing your address requires a formal state filing and most likely a state fee.
  • You have concerns regarding privacy. The local law enforcement usually is in charge of delivering a Service of Process to your business. It’s not ideal to have law enforcement show up at your home or business. You can avoid this embarrassing situation if you have ATG GP who will ensure that you receive any Service of Process discreetly.

For years, ATG Global Partners Inc has been helping business owners promptly receive any service of process and stay in good standing and compliance.